How to place order?

FJYW provides several convenient ways for you to purchase our products:

>> purchase online www.FJYW.com at any time and checkout with all major credit cards;

>> order by phone 1-704-769-9000 and our customer service will take order over phone;

>> order by fax 1-704-255-2037 and our customer service will call back and finalize your order;

>> order by email: sales@fjyw.com and our customer service will email back and finalize your order;

>> international order can be handled by email and fax.


How to track an order?

After your order is shipped, we will email you the invoice in PDF format with tracking number as well as general instruction how to receive your order.  Make sure you use correct email address to receive your invoice and tracking number.

Once you receive your invoice, you can track your order depending on the carrier:

  • US Postal Service - tracking available at www.usps.com

  • UPS - tracking available at www.ups.com

  • FEDEX - tracking available at www.fedex.com

  • DHL - tracking available at www.dhl.com

  • Commercial carrier - tracking available at their company website

If you have difficulty to track your order, please contact the customer service for assistance.


How to receive an order?

FJYW uses quality common carriers to deliver your order. However, products may be damaged during the transportation due to any reasons. So perform the following receiving procedures:

1. inspect the delivery before you sign off the delivery paper;

2. note "damaged products" and/or "possible product damage, upon further inspection" or similar words on the delivery paper if you find damages or possible damages, make sure you have driver co-sign the delivery paper;

3. contact us immediately if there is damage or shortage by proving proper documents within 24 hours. Otherwise, it is deemed that you have received the products from us in good condition and correct quantity.  FJYW releases its liability once it turns the products to the freight carrier.

We appreciate your business and like to work with you to ensure you receive the products in time and in good condition.

What is Buyer / Customer due diligence?

As a buyer and customer, you agree that you will perform the following due diligence:

1.  It is your obligation to to provide correct shipping information so that the order can be delivered accordingly.  You agree to reimburse FJYW Corporation for any address correction charges and/or fees from the carrier due to incorrect shipping address provided by you;

2.  It is your obligation to receive the delivery of your order without rejection.  You agree to reimburse FJYW Corporation for any rejection charges and/or fees from the carrier due to your refusal of delivery;

3.  It is your obligation to inspect the delivery of your order for any damage and/or shortage in 24 hours.  You agree that FJYW Corporation will be relieved its liability for any damage and/or shortage if you do not notify such claim in 24 hours.


What is product warranty?
FJYW provides limited warranty depending on the products.  Please read the product info guide for specific product warranty.

The warranty from FJYW warrants to the product that should this product, under normal use and conditions, be proven defective in material or workmanship.  The warranty starts from the date of original purchase, and such defect(s) will be repaired or replaced with new or reconditioned product or part(s) (at FJYW' option).  The decision to repair or replace will be made by FJYW.  This limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and only covers products purchased as new.

The extent of FJYW liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement provided above and, in no event, shall FJYW liability exceeds the purchase price paid by the purchaser for the product.

How do I get warranty service?

For warranty service, please contact FJYW by reporting problems evidenced with pictures of defect(s) and the evidence of purchase so that we can provide quick response and help.  If the product needs to be taken back for service, it is the customer's responsibility to ship them back to FJYW or to the designated service center of FJYW.  All product returned for service MUST be in clean situation.  All dirty products will be rejected for service and it will be the customer's responsibility to take it back and have it cleaned.


What is return policy?

We accept return for the item in its original packaging (unopened and unused condition) in 30 days.  Any open and used item will NOT be accepted for return.  Quality-defected product will be replaced when such product has been returned to FJYW.   25% restocking fee will be charged for all returns.  The shipping fee paid by the buyer will NOT be refunded.  Buyer is responsible to ship the item back to our warehouse in good condition.  If the item is ordered via third party, then the third party selling cost will be deducted from the credit.


  • all images, color combinations and descriptions contains in this website is for information only. Actual products may have different color combination or size variances. FJYW will not be responsible for any variances, misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • FJYW reserves its right to change part and/or whole of the information as listed without prior notification.